VicOne Launches Strategic Partnership Program for Automotive Companies

May 4, 2022
Edward Tsai
VicOne Launches Strategic Partnership Program for Automotive Companies

VicOne, a subsidiary of Trend Micro, launches its strategic partnership program to respond to the new cybersecurity compliance requirements for connected vehicles. Cognizant of the many challenges that the automotive industry is facing, VicOne meets the specialized needs of OEM and Tier 1 suppliers as they tackle new regulations and standards, such as WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434.

Pave the Way for Cybersecurity Compliance

VicOne’s partnership program seeks to alleviate the burden for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in dealing with compliance challenges. This program ensures that partnering automotive companies understand the business repercussions of these requirements. It aims to help them diagnose security risks in supply chain systems, identify and analyze gaps that necessitate compliance, and close these gaps with the least impact to the entire connected car manufacturing process.

The pressure for automotive companies to comply with these new measures can be overwhelming, given the complex, multitiered framework of the industry. With the WP.29 regulation set to have its worldwide implementation starting in mid-2022, most OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers face a prospect of crunch time and business disruption. VicOne’s partnership program addresses these concerns by formulating a seamless rollout of security compliance across the supply chain, with careful assessment of cost justification, skills alignment, technical know-how, and business impact.

Get Support From Engagement to Implementation

VicOne’s partnership program is composed of two phases: engagement and implementation. In the engagement phase, VicOne’s security experts assess and analyze the supply chain’s cybersecurity architecture and report gaps in meeting security requirements. The end-to-end consultancy entails NO COST to the partnering company. Based on the assessment and recommendations of VicOne’s security experts, an implementation plan is formulated to ensure that the implementation phase is perfectly executed.

Engagement phase:

  • Provide end-to-end cybersecurity consultancy.
  • Respond to the partnering OEM or supplier’s security requirement questions and uncertainties.
  • Review the component’s cybersecurity architecture and report gaps in meeting security requirements.
  • This phase is performed at no cost to the partnering OEM or supplier.

Implementation phase:

  • Based on the findings from the engagement phase, VicOne commits to implement the scope of on-board security requirements.

Register With VicOne to Receive Free Workshops

Free workshops will be held for OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers that register with VicOne. In these workshops, VicOne’s security experts and consultants will discuss:

  • Compliance with the WP.29 UN-R155 cybersecurity regulation
  • Basic cybersecurity requirements
  • Supply chain risk management

Registration is free. VicOne’s strategic partnership program is initially available in Taiwan.

To know more about what VicOne can do for your business and to partner with VicOne, REQUEST A DEMO or CONTACT US.

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