Protecting and Empowering
Automotive Stakeholders

Cybersecurity Solutions for OEMs and Suppliers

Comprehensive Vehicle Protection
Across the Entire Value Chain

VicOne’s cybersecurity solutions protect a vehicle throughout its entire life cycle: from its early designs all the way to its eventual decommissioning. This provides automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers full visibility and better ownership of vehicle components.

VicOne helps connected car stakeholders detect and mitigate security risks in their manufacturing processes and supply chain systems while ensuring regulatory compliance at every phase.

Solutions for OEMs

VicOne’s smart yet flexible solutions provide OEMs with centralized visibility over their vehicles’ complex ecosystems. This enables them to accurately detect threats by analyzing cross-layer data and respond to evolving threats by preparing virtual patches and other effective mitigations.

These solutions help OEMs create a future-oriented UN R155 compliance strategy, one that not only complies with but also exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements.

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Solutions for Tier 1 Suppliers

VicOne offers Tier 1 suppliers complete solutions that ensure the quality, safety, and security of their products in the automotive supply chain. These help them identify potential risks, especially open-source risks in software components, and prepare virtual patches and other effective post-production mitigations.

With these solutions, Tier 1 suppliers can confidently demonstrate that they have indeed complied with the requirements set by UN R155, ISO/SAE 21434, and other relevant industry standards and regulations.

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Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions

VicOne’s solutions for smart cockpits enable OEMs to protect their customers’ data privacy all the way from the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems to the car companion apps.

These solutions prevent malicious actors from eavesdropping on intimate in-car conversations or even stealing the identities or vehicles of OEMs’ customers.

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EV Charging System Protection Solutions

VicOne offers electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturers and charge point operators multilayered cybersecurity protection solutions to safeguard their EVSE or charging systems from potential attacks.

With these solutions, EVSE manufacturers and charge point operators can secure their charging systems by monitoring for and continuously identifying vulnerabilities and malicious objects, and ensuring attack resilience.

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