Frictionless IDPS for ECU Hardening

xCarbon is a robust software-based security agent that monitors anomalies in ECUs and deploys virtual patches, rules, or policies to intercept potential exploits.

Ensure System Integrity via Advanced System Protection

xCarbon detects abnormal system activities and implements virtual patching to prevent exploits by enforcing multiple layers of security policies and rules. It also blocks unauthorized applications from running on an ECU by validating them through an approved application list.

Prevent Attacks in Real Time via Next-Gen Ethernet Firewall

xCarbon detects network threats and malicious communications with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to prevent system vulnerabilities from being exploited. Through virtual patching, xCarbon enforces attack signatures and security rules so that you can protect your systems without changes, giving you an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch to become available.

Pinpoint Hidden Risks via CAN Anomaly Detection

Powered by an off-board machine learning (ML) engine, xCarbon can distinguish between normal and abnormal operations on the CAN bus to detect malicious CAN messages, such as messages with abnormal IDs, frequencies, and loads caused by attacks.

Gather More Meaningful Data via Intelligent Sensor

xCarbon has an automated process for logging on-board telemetry data, system activity, and critical events for off-board analysis and forensics. With a leading ML model and threat expert rules, xCarbon can securely retrieve only data relevant to threats, thus reducing system bandwidth.

Why xCarbon?

Frictionless Integration

xCarbon supports various operating systems, including Embedded Linux, Android Automotive OS, and QNX. With a modular design and AUTOSAR compatibility, xCarbon provides adequate features and configurations to meet different vehicle and service levels.

Long-Term Support

xCarbon has dedicated experts to support you throughout a vehicle’s long life cycle. They can also provide you with a customized solution in as little as two days.

102-Day Early Protection

xCarbon deploys virtual patches or IPS rules, giving you an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch to become available.

Continuous Threat Intelligence

xCarbon is bolstered by the full support of 10,000+ ZDI researchers and the backing of Interpol, the FBI, and other international law enforcement agencies — enabling you to get the protection you need faster.

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