Building an IDS/IPS In-House Sounds Good, But Maintaining It Is a Hassle

High Footprint Anxiety

High Footprint

Maintaining effective detection rule updates for proactive defense is challenging. Crafting patterns requires human effort, and as the number of rules grows, so does the memory footprint, leading to longer detection times. This strains already resource-tight electronic control units (ECUs), potentially impacting system reliability.

False Alert Overload

False Alert

Dealing with high volumes of false alarms daily necessitates either investing in additional manpower or implementing filtering mechanisms to minimize inaccuracies. But this introduces additional complexity into the system design.

Escalating Transmission Costs

Transmission Costs

Transmitting data from over a million vehicles to the cloud can trigger data transmission costs to soar to as much as US$2.1M per month,* potentially becoming an overwhelming financial load. How to minimize sending unnecessary security events to the vehicle security operations center (VSOC) becomes a major consideration.

*Source: AECC

Say Goodbye to System Overhauls
With Our Frictionless IDS/IPS

Lightweight Implementation Flexibility With Modular Design

Lightweight Implementation

Flexibility With Modular Design

xCarbon is a lightweight, modularized, and configurable software-based intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS/IPS) that empowers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers by enabling specific detection functions to meet E/E architecture needs. It frictionlessly fits into various types of hardware, ranging from low-end MCUs to high-end HPCs. With its flexible advantages, xCarbon effectively detects malicious system activities, network threats, and CAN anomalies with minimal CPU and memory usage.

Precise Detection

Precise Detection

Unique Threat Expert Rules to Cut Through the Noise

Utilizing our unique automotive threat intelligence, we can extract key “signatures” from attack techniques, converting them into unique threat expert rules. This enables you to pinpoint potential attacks with laser-sharp precision when similar attack signatures appear, minimizing overall false-positive detection. xCarbon boasts over 2,000 threat expert rules that can help detect threats such as denial-of-service (DoS) or container escape attacks. You have the flexibility to define which rules to deploy onto xCarbon based on your system’s needs.

Customizable Defenses

Customizable Defenses

Automated Detection and Response at the Edge

Empowering you with unparalleled flexibility, xCarbon enables you to build your own detection and response capabilities based on different scenarios. This grants you complete control to specify how xCarbon detects and responds at the edge according to your unique requirements. For example, you can choose to ask xCarbon to take proactive measures, like notifying OEMs or third-party service providers upon encountering a suspicious app or a container escape attack.

Full Control

Full Control

Streamlined Life Cycle Management

With xCarbon’s management console, you can efficiently oversee the entire process from early development and testing to later stages with mass deployment. You can update and deploy rules across multiple xCarbon instances effortlessly. When xCarbon detects potential attacks in ECUs, you can use xCarbon’s management console to monitor events in real time, focusing on identifying malicious attacks rather than suspicious anomalies.

Low Data Send-Out

Low Data Send-Out

Low Transmission Costs With 60% Reduction

xCarbon can act as a VSOC sensor, sending on-board telemetry data, system activity, and critical events to our next-gen VSOC platform, xNexus, for off-board analysis and forensics. With our leading machine learning (ML) model and our unique threat expert rules, xCarbon can retrieve and send back only threat-relevant security logs, thus reducing system bandwidth. This approach can reduce system log transfer volume by at least 60%.*

*Based on our lab test

More Product Features

  • Next-gen Ethernet firewall. Identify suspicious events in Ethernet (e.g., DoS attacks, malicious payloads) and network vulnerabilities. See Demo
  • CAN anomaly detection. Detect malicious CAN messages, such as messages with abnormal IDs, frequencies, and payloads caused by attacks.
  • Advanced system protection. Our host-based IDS can detect abnormal system activities to ensure system integrity and block unauthorized applications from running on an ECU or service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Readiness for risks in software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Our award-winning xCarbon leads in supporting SDVs, offering container security, virtualization, and hypervisor capabilities. Learn More
  • Unique virtual patch technology. xCarbon can deploy virtual patches, providing you with an average of 102 days of protection while awaiting the availability of a vendor patch. Learn More
  • Rich on-board data for full visibility. Acting as an intelligence VSOC sensor, xCarbon can collect system activities and critical events for off-board analysis. Read Use Case

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Why xCarbon?

Frictionless Integration

xCarbon supports various operating systems, including Embedded Linux, Android Automotive OS, and QNX. With a modular design and AUTOSAR/SOA compatibility, xCarbon provides adequate features and configurations to meet different vehicle and service levels.

Long-Term Support

xCarbon has dedicated experts to support you throughout a vehicle’s long life cycle. They can also provide you with a customized solution in as little as two days.

102-Day Early Protection

xCarbon deploys virtual patches* or IPS rules, giving you an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch to become available.
*Patent pending

30+ Years of Threat Intelligence

xCarbon leverages Trend Micro’s 30+ years of cybersecurity expertise, providing deep knowledge with actionable intelligence — enabling you to get the protection you need faster.

Readiness for SDV Risks

Our award-winning xCarbon leads in supporting SDVs, offering container security, virtualization, and hypervisor capabilities. xCarbon can also detect unique zero-day vulnerabilities discovered at Pwn2Own Automotive. Read More

Automotive Grade

VicOne is certified with ASPICE CL2 product and project compliance. Read More

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