VicOne Leads the Way Toward Automotive Cybersecurity

Equipped with proven automotive threat intelligence to support large-scale connected car deployments, VicOne delivers cybersecurity solutions that support OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in their defense against evolving threats and their compliance journey with new regulations.

What We Do

With a vision to secure the vehicles of tomorrow, VicOne delivers a broad portfolio of cybersecurity software and services for the automotive industry. Purpose-built to address the rigorous needs of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, VicOne solutions are designed to secure and scale with the specialized demands of the modern vehicle. As a Trend Micro subsidiary, VicOne is powered by a solid foundation in cybersecurity drawn from Trend Micro’s 30+ years in the industry, delivering unparalleled automotive protection and deep security insights that enable our customers to build secure as well as smart vehicles.

What Sets Us Apart

Utilize Cybersecurity Solutions Driven by Automotive Foresight

Threat Intelligence

VicOne leverages Trend Micro’s 30+ years of research, expertise, and innovation as a trusted global leader in cybersecurity.

Automotive Foresight

VicOne provides top-of-the-line solutions that organizations can trust for robust and future-ready cybersecurity coverage tailored for the automotive industry.

Strategic Partnerships

VicOne’s partnership program supports OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in rolling out a cybersecurity strategy, and helps ease their burden in complying with new standards and regulations.

Why VicOne?

Our Team

Meet Our Experts and Leaders in Cybersecurity

Max Cheng - Chief Executive Officer

Max Cheng

Chief Executive Officer

Max Cheng is a globally renowned cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience. He is Trend Micro’s Chief Technology Officer of Core Technology R&D and Chief Information Officer of Information Service and Security.

Edward Tsai - Vice President of Strategic Partnership

Edward Tsai

Vice President of Strategic Partnership

Edward Tsai spearheaded the development of successful consumer products at Trend Micro, including its flagship product Virus Buster or PC-cillin. At VicOne, he leads the AMEA Business Development and Marketing teams to identify new opportunities and expand the brand presence within the automotive industry.

Ziv Chang - Vice President of Automotive CyberThreat Research Lab

Ziv Chang

Vice President of Automotive CyberThreat Research Lab

Ziv Chang brings decades of cybersecurity expertise and research specialization into the automotive industry. His main areas of research include APT groups, SCADA/5G/automotive vulnerabilities, hacker attack and defense technologies, digital forensics, and darknets.

Pender Chang - Vice President of Research and Development

Pender Chang

Vice President of Research and Development

Pender Chang leads a global team in developing the VicOne cloud platform and in-vehicle security solutions — defining a new standard of automotive cybersecurity solutions for OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry.

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Where You Can Meet Us

Join Us at These Industry Events

2035 E-Mobility Taiwan and Taipei AMPA 2023

April 12 - 15, 2023

TaiNEX 1, Taipei, Taiwan

To accelerate the transition from gas-powered cars to electric ones, 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan — the largest professional EV and self-driving car exhibition in Taiwan — and Taipei AMPA — the fourth largest exhibition in the world and the second largest in Asia — will be held at the same time, at the same place, exhibiting gas-powered vehicles, EVs, automobile components and parts, and e-mobility.

VicOne, as an automotive and transportation cybersecurity expert, will be joining its partners’ exhibitions and showcasing its cybersecurity solutions. At Clientron’s booth at E-Mobility (#M1020), we will demo a cybersecurity-embedded IVI system that protects electric buses and commercial and passenger cars from cyberattacks through a secure smart cockpit solution. And at Hon Hai’s exhibition area at AMPA (#K0816), we will demo with MIH how we bring in protection to MIH’s fleet management solutions.

Meet us at Clientron’s booth at E-Mobility (#M1020) and at the Hon Hai MIH space at AMPA (#K0816). Our cybersecurity experts will be on-site to demo VicOne’s use cases for our e-bus IVI smart cockpit solution and for fleet management.

2035 E-Mobility Taiwan | Taipei AMPA 2023

Start: 4/12/2023 12:00:00 AM
End: 4/15/2023 12:00:00 AM
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