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VicOne’s Strategic Partnership Program

Why Partner With VicOne?

VicOne’s Strategic Partnership Program provides automotive stakeholders with essential support and technical know-how in implementing cybersecurity for connected vehicles. Through this program, car manufacturers (OEMs), system suppliers, and other stakeholders can shape the future of the industry by designing and deploying vehicles that are safe, secure, and fully compliant with standards and regulations.

Comprehensive Vehicle Protection

VicOne’s cybersecurity solutions protect not only a vehicle’s critical components but also the manufacturing processes and supply chain systems supporting these. Consequently, stakeholders are armed with end-to-end protection from vulnerabilities and can take a more aggressive stance against cyberthreats.

A Future-Oriented Compliance Strategy

VicOne assists its partners in executing a strategy that allows them to meet rigorous regulatory requirements with more confidence and ease. This helps them avoid development delays, optimize workflows, and ultimately improve time to market.

Commitment to the Long Haul

VicOne fully commits to its partners throughout the program’s duration — from engagement to implementation. In each phase, VicOne’s technical experts and consultants provide valuable insights that let partners make the right business decisions at the right time.

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