Broad-Based Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

VicOne’s cybersecurity solutions support a vehicle’s whole life cycle. These help automotive stakeholders protect manufacturing processes, reinforce supply chain systems, and comply with industry regulations.

Solutions for OEMs

VicOne provides automotive manufacturers (OEMs) with centralized visibility over their vehicles’ complex ecosystems.

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Solutions for Tier 1 Suppliers

VicOne helps Tier 1 suppliers identify risks in their software components and supply chain processes, and implement effective mitigations.

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Smart Cockpit Protection Solutions​

VicOne enables OEMs to protect their customers’ data privacy all the way from the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems to the car companion apps.​

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Why VicOne?

Cybersecurity Solutions Driven by Automotive Foresight

Decades of
Research and Innovation

VicOne builds on Trend Micro’s 30+ years of cybersecurity leadership and the expertise of 10,000+ independent researchers through the Zero Day Initiative.

Future-Ready and
End-to-End Vehicle Protection

VicOne’s extensive automotive cybersecurity solutions enable connected car stakeholders to always be ahead of current and emergent threats.

An Essential
Partner in Security

VicOne’s partnerships with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers yield a future-oriented compliance strategy that exceeds the minimum requirements set by standards and regulatory bodies.

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Gain Insights Into Automotive Cybersecurity
Vulnerability Discovered in Automotive Product Security Platform Potentially Allows Remote Code Execution

Vulnerability Discovered in Automotive Product Security Platform Potentially Allows Remote Code Execution

February 26, 2024

A remote code execution vulnerability discovered in an automotive product security platform and similar recently disclosed flaws in IT software products underscore the importance of continuous quality control across the overall software life cycle.

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Partner Stories

Connected Mobility Built for Tomorrow: Empowering Secure Vehicle Connections for Safer, Smarter Journeys

February 25, 2024

Askey, a global provider of network communications and electronics manufacturing, has implemented the VicOne xZETA vulnerability scanning and SBOM management tool in the development process of its connected vehicle devices that combine on-board unit (OBU), roadside unit (RSU), and cloud-based advanced technologies for smart transportation.

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Emerging Threats to the Automotive Supply Chain From Ransomware Groups

February 22, 2024

More automotive manufacturers and suppliers have fallen prey to ransomware groups in January 2024, further highlighting the need for more robust automotive cybersecurity amid a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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Solution Briefs

xNexus: More Insights, Less Anxiety: See Better With Our Next-Gen VSOC Platform

February 16, 2024

The common approach involves using cloud-based vehicle security operations center (VSOC) platforms for their quick installation and noninvasiveness. But as the attack surface has expanded from the cloud to in-vehicle components and infrastructure, relying solely on today’s VSOC platforms might not bring about sufficient protection.

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