As connected cars become more advanced, so do the cyberthreats that exploit flaws and weaknesses in their systems. The automotive industry must therefore shift to the next gear and boost its cybersecurity stance in order to stay ahead of attacks.

To that end, VicOne is driving the first-ever Pwn2Own Automotive, the only event of its kind in the world to focus on vulnerabilities in technologies for connected cars.

Pwn2Own Automotive Cybersecurity Challenge 2024

Elevating Automotive Cybersecurity Through Ethical Hacking

Accelerating Automotive Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovery

Accelerating Automotive Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovery

VicOne brings attention to the ever-expanding connected car attack surface, thereby highlighting the urgency of fortifying the industry against emerging and evolving threats.

Spotlighting the Connected Vehicle’s Systems and Digital Infrastructure

Spotlighting the Connected Vehicle’s Systems and Digital Infrastructure

VicOne emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the complex components and technologies that make up the modern connected vehicle, paving the way for more robust and resilient cybersecurity protection.

Bridging the Gap Between Industry Leaders and Shakers

Bridging the Gap Between Industry Leaders and Shakers

VicOne goes beyond vulnerability disclosures by forging strategic connections and collaborations among security researchers and automotive stakeholders, in a community where groundbreaking discoveries are duly recognized and acted upon.

Drawing on VicOne’s exceptional automotive foresight and threat intelligence, and on Trend Micro’s proven Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) bug bounty program, Pwn2Own Automotive offers participants more than $1 million in cash and prizes, with Tesla as the title sponsor.

Join us on this platform where security researchers and automotive stakeholders come together!

Pwn2Own Automotive

(organized by RX Japan)
January 24 – 26, 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Max Cheng

Activities like this one are crucial for preparing the global automotive industry to anticipate and gird for the evolving threat landscape.

Max Cheng Chief Executive Officer of VicOne

Brian Gorenc

VicOne's unmatched experience in this space is key for our credibility with the automotive industry in demonstrating that we are doing real research against real problems—as opposed to stunt hacking of limited business value.

Brian Gorenc Vice President of Threat Research at Trend Micro and
Leader of the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) program

Masaki Soda

The collaboration between Automotive World 2024, which attracts 85,000 automotive industry professionals, and Pwn2Own Automotive, the leading cybersecurity event, will surely contribute to a safer and more secure mobility society.

Masaki Soda Corporate Officer at RX Japan Ltd.