Why Smart Cockpit Protection?​

Software-enabled services represent your next opportunity for generating revenue, yet as few as a third of consumers are interested in sharing their personally identifiable information (PII) in exchange for access to a connected car service.* Car users are concerned about the risk of their PII’s being leaked, as malicious actors could use this information to eavesdrop on their intimate in-car conversations or even steal their identities or vehicles. You must not let the vehicle be the weakest link when it comes to protecting your customers’ personal data and IVI systems.​

Protect Your Customers From Identity Theft​

Protect Your Customers From Identity Theft​

Our solutions enable OEMs to offer a smart cockpit security app for direct download or preinstallation, safeguarding customer data and allowing monetization of cybersecurity efforts.

Maintain Positive Brand Image​

Maintain Positive Brand Image​

Giving customers the option to purchase smart cockpit protection builds trust and increases customer loyalty. This is a smart move as OEMs can give customers the solutions to protect their personal data and privacy.​

Create New Revenue​ Streams​

Create New Revenue​ Streams​

OEMs can offer more innovative services to customers by building on a foundation of security. Additionally, OEMs can create new revenue streams by monetizing cybersecurity.​

Extend Attack Surface ​Visibility

Extend Attack Surface ​Visibility​

Attack surface visibility can be extended from the system level to the application level to support OEMs for future threat detection and response.​

Shield Personal Data From Risky Apps​

Attackers can craft malicious apps in the form of seemingly innocuous apps, such as driving record apps, to lure your customers into installing these apps on their IVI systems. These apps can trick users into believing that backing up their records to the cloud is safe. However, these high-risk apps may request excessive or unnecessary access permissions, which can result in data breaches. This type of exploitation also occurs on mobile devices. Our solutions can detect and block these high-risk, high-permission apps to protect your customers’ PII all the way from the IVI systems to the car companion apps.​

Safeguard Personal Data From Unsecure Browsers​

When your customers are on the road, they use their web browsers to perform various tasks such as ordering food or checking stock prices. But web browsers can be vulnerable to attacks. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers and install backdoors in customers’ IVI systems, giving them access to sensitive data like in-car conversations, contacts, pictures, and text messages. Our solutions regularly scan for browser vulnerabilities and alert users when they attempt to connect to suspicious websites to prevent attackers from accessing their personal information.​

Block App Exploits to Protect Personal Data​

Zero-day vulnerabilities or design flaws in IVI apps can be exploited by attackers, who can use them to obtain the car owners’ PII. For instance, some apps do not explicitly prohibit backup activities, which can be exploited by attackers. Our solutions detect and list vulnerable apps, explain why they are unsafe, and enable car owners to block them to prevent PII leakage. This ensures that your customers’ personal data is always protected from unseen attacks.​

Stay Alert With 24/7 Personal Data Surveillance​

Our solutions keep a watchful eye on the internet and the dark web for your customers’ personal information, including email addresses, bank account numbers, credit card details, social security numbers, and beyond. As soon as we detect a data breach, our solutions promptly notify your customers, enabling them to take action and protect themselves before it’s too late.​​

Keep IVI Systems Operating Smoothly​

Our solutions continuously monitor your customers’ IVI app performance, including power consumption and storage usage, to detect any abnormality. They will alert your customers immediately if an app consumes unnecessary resources or drains the battery excessively. This ensures the smooth operation of your customers’ IVI systems and maintains their driving safety, without any unexpected interruptions or distractions.​​​

Securing the Smart Cockpit From the System Level to the Application Level

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Proven Record​

100% Malicious app detection rate​


Malicious app detection rate​

Source: AV-Comparatives Mobile
Security Review 2022

6+ Years​​ Deep cooperation with Amazon Appstore

6+ Years​​

Deep cooperation
with Amazon Appstore​​

12B+ Leaked records found​


Leaked records found​
Source: Trend Micro ID Security

Member of Google’s App Defense Alliance

Member of Google’s
App Defense Alliance​
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