EV Charging System Protection

Securing Your EV Charging Systems by Monitoring for
Software Vulnerabilities and Ensuring Attack Resilience

Why EV Charging System Protection?

Our solutions provide multilayered cybersecurity protection to keep your electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or charging systems up and running. Because certain network attacks cannot be mitigated through Secure by Design alone, VicOne’s EV Charging System Protection solutions go beyond the scope of Secure by Design by proactively identifying vulnerabilities while safeguarding charging stations from potential attacks via our security agent.

Protect Your Customers From Identity Theft

Minimize Financial and Reputational Damage

Our solutions can strengthen your Secure by Design approach by extending protection to cover threats from exploits or unauthorized applications.

Maintain Positive Brand Image

Get 102 Days of Protection, Without Requiring System Changes

By deploying virtual patches,* our solutions can buy you an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch, without requiring system changes.

*Patent pending

Create New Revenue Streams

Go Beyond Market Norms for Competitive Supremacy

With our solutions, you can easily meet the ETSI EN 303 645 cybersecurity standard, the recommendations from the NIST IR 8473 cybersecurity framework profile, or the UK’s EV smart charging regulations to keep ahead of the competition.

Why EV Charging System Protection Matters

Continuously Identify Vulnerabilities and Malicious Objects

As EVSE cyberthreats continue to evolve, it is crucial to maintain continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities and malicious objects, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs) and ransomware.* Our solutions allow you to do just that on the binaries and firmware of your EV chargers. Upon detection of a vulnerability, our solutions implement virtual patching* in conjunction with the security agent at the edge to prevent exploitation. This approach enables you to protect your systems without having to make changes, providing an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch.

*Patent pending

Build Resilience Against Cyberattacks

Our solutions work to your advantage even if your EV charging systems are already in operation. By integrating our software-based security agent into your charging points or controllers in advance, your EV charging systems gain the ability for immediate detection and blocking of attacks, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. It also implements virtual patching* to prevent exploits by enforcing multiple layers of security policies and rules. Moreover, it blocks unauthorized applications from running on chargers by validating them through an approved application list.

*Patent pending

Award-Winning, Complete EV Charging System Protection

EV Charging System

Dr. Cally Ko
Dr. Cally Ko
Vice President and General Manager of Corporate Strategic Business Development and Alliance at Delta Electronics

Our partnership with VicOne will enable our customers to comply with the highest standards of international regulations and quickly deploy safe and efficient charging infrastructure.
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Why Our Solutions?


Our solutions support various operating systems, including Embedded Linux. With modular design compatibility, our security agent provides adequate features and configurations to meet different vehicle and service levels.

Global Leader in Vulnerability Discovery

Backed by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI),* VicOne provides full vulnerability coverage across IT, OT, and automotive. We have also disclosed 49 zero-day vulnerabilities related to EV chargers and connected cars.

*No. 1 in vulnerability discovery since 2007
Source: Omdia Research: Quantifying the Public Vulnerability Market: 2022 Edition

102-Day Early Protection

Our security agent deploys virtual patches* or IPS rules, giving you an average of 102 days of protection while waiting for a vendor patch to become available.

*Patent pending

Open Source
Security Expert

As a member of the Open Source Security Foundation, a part of the Linux Foundation, VicOne works to improve the security of open-source software for the automotive industry.

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