DEKRA Collaborates With VicOne to Create Integrated Services for Vehicle Cybersecurity Certification

July 1, 2022
DEKRA Collaborates With VicOne to Create Integrated Services for Vehicle Cybersecurity Certification

(Taipei, 2022, June 16 ) DEKRA and VicOne, a subsidiary dedicated to vehicle security established by a global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro Incorporated, announced their partnership in providing joint solutions for automotive suppliers to compliance with new international regulations and standards in vehicle security. With their technical know-how, knowledge and certification services, suppliers in the automotive supply chain who are eager to enter the industry of electric vehicles are in good hands so that they can implement and comply with international security standards more efficiently.

Daniel Lee, General Manager of DEKRA Taiwan Product Testing Operations, stressed that as the technology of 5G and low-earth-orbit satellites have become mature, high-speed transmission and low latency have facilitated the rapid development of the applications of Internet of Vehicle. A growing number of smart in-vehicle auxiliary technologies and software has changed the landscape of automotive industry. Since the era of software-defined vehicles is approaching, industries in Taiwan are looking to bring their capabilities to the supply chain of smart vehicles and the Internet of Vehicle. Whether it is the design and hardware and software, deployment, or the production of associated parts and computers of the network, cybersecurity is inevitably a key challenge. Only when automotive players within the supply chain pay proactive attention to and intensify security-related regulations can the requirements from major international car brands be satisfied.

Mr. Gerhard Rieger, Senior Vice President of DEKRA DIGITAL Global Functional Safety, said: “Global vehicle manufacturers are accelerating their digital transformation, and cyber security has also become a core requirement in the future automotive manufacturing and development process. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce internationally recognized standards and obtain certification to achieve a leading position in automotive cybersecurity.” Kevin Huang, Manager of Global Functional Safety/ Cybersecurity, DEKRA Taiwan, in charge of this collaboration project, explained that ISO/SAE 21434 and UN ECE Regulation 155 have been regarded as the mainstream standards for automotive cybersecurity by European and American car manufacturers. However, suppliers are often uncertain about how they can incorporate these international regulations into their development process or meet the legal requirements for security in ISO 21434 and UN155. Therefore, VicOne comes into play, offering counseling and cybersecurity solutions to in-vehicle security. A one-stop integral solution has been devised, coupled with DEKRA’s vehicle security certification services, to assist suppliers in implementing and complying with international security standards more efficiently, while lowering the cost of development and production.

“We’ve seen news of car companies experiencing cyberattacks to electric vehicles in recent years and it becomes the emerging challenge for the automotive industry.” said Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at VicOne. The new international automotive cybersecurity regulations has prompted global leading OEMs and suppliers to ensure the compliance as it acts as a vital factor to determine whether they are qualified to enter the market of electric vehicles. Edward said “Combining VicOne’s expertise in automotive cybersecurity and DEKRA’s abundant experiences in inspection and certification, makes us the best security partner of choice for automotive companies and suppliers”.

DEKRA is the most prominent motor vehicle inspection body in the world. It boasts the largest independent testing center in Europe for interconnection, intercommunication and autonomous driving. The scope of services covers the entire industry chain of the automotive industry, including testing and certification, certification of industry-related management systems, safety counselling, cybersecurity and functional safety. It built a global laboratory network that is driven by one-stop integrated solutions to either the most basic safety testing on materials, parts and components for cars or sophisticated testing and certification for electronic systems and cybersecurity. In addition, DEKRA also provides testing and international certification services for EMC, RF, 5G, DSRC, V2X, electricity safety, functional safety, and reliability verification.

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